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The Best Keyboard Stands to Buy in 2017

Shopping for a keyboard may not seem like an important job but there is no denying that the quality of your keyboard stand can affect how well you play. Aside from taking your time when shopping for a keyboard, you should also dedicate adequate time to keyboard stand shopping. Given that keyboards come in different sizes, you also need to consider the size of your keyboard. Fortunately, no matter the size of your keyboard, there are more than enough options available for you. Amazon offers quite a variety of keyboard stands. These stands come in different prices and you can be sure that you can get a perfect stand to match your budget.

What to look for when shopping for a keyboard stand

Dimensions of your keyboard

Dimensions in this case mean depth and width. There are keyboards that come with screws where the stand should be secured. Take all this into consideration to ensure that the size of stand you get is the right match for your keyboard.

Your size and playing style

If you are tall, you may want to get a stand that is high enough to ensure that the stand does not get in your way and make you uncomfortable when you have to play for long. You also need to consider your playing style. Do you play while standing or when seated? Are you heavy-handed? All this will help you determine which stand would be ideal. A sturdy stand will serve you well if you are heavy handed while a high stand will be a great choice if you are tall and play while seated.

Center of Gravity

This applies where multiple tiers are concerned. If you want a stand that can stand several keyboards you have to ensure that the center of gravity is close to the center.


The stand you choose should be sturdy enough to support your keyboard and also withstand some pressure when you are playing. Most if not all of the best keyboard stands are quite strong so you have nothing to worry about if you want the best stand available in the market.


Modern keyboard come with a host of accessories simply designed to make your work as easy as possible. Common accessories include microphone, tablet, or laptop holding accessories. Accessories are not that important but it helps if you can get a stand that comes with all the right features and can also hold you microphone, laptop, or tablet as you play.

Keyboard stand type

Keyboard stands come in types. This include single, double, or triple tier. There are also fixed and foldable stands. You have to determine which type of stand will be suitable for you and your keyboard.

Aside from the above factors, you also need to consider where you will be playing. If you have to play in different locations, the best keyboard stand for you should be light. You should also consider a stand that can be easily folded up for easier transportation and also one that can be set up within a short time. If you just need a stand you can place in one location, you have the freedom to go with a relatively heavy and elaborate stand. Just ensure that the stand you choose is the right size for your keyboard.

5 of the best keyboard stands

  1. Stellar Labs Heavy Duty Keyboard Stand

Stellar Labs made this stand with the user who wants a strong yet flexible stand in mind. This keyboard stand is quite strong and sturdy meaning that it would be a great choice if yours is a heavy keyboard or you are a heavy handed player. It helps that the keyboard can be adjusted both in height and width to accommodate different sizes of keyboards and players with different heights. Other key features include;

Great Looking yet Professional

This stand is a perfect choice if you are concerned about style. The stand is quite stylish but still it maintains that professional look. There are no much details so the stands out without taking too much focus from you or you or your keyboard.

Simple functional design

This stand is designed to ensure that users are comfortable. Apart from allowing a wide range of adjustability, the stand also comes in the Z-style which is more comfortable than the x-style common in most keyboard stands. This only translates to more leg room under the stand and improved comfort especially for players who prefer to play while seated.

Relatively Light

Though this is a sturdy stand that accommodates heavy keyboards, it is also quite light. At just slightly over 18 lbs. this has to be among the lightest stands in the heavy duty category.


Not easy to assemble

You have to use an Iron Wrench to dissemble this stand. Though the stand comes fully assembled, it is not great if you want a stand you can quickly assemble and dissemble.

Cannot be folded

This means that it cannot be easily transported if you have to use it for different jigs in different locations. The fact the stand is also not easy to assemble means that it is not a great choice for players who are looking for a stand that is both easy to transport and assemble.

2.  World Tour Single X Keyboard Stand

This is a simple stand that it is sturdy, light, and best of all cheap. The stand is, therefore, ideal for players working with a tight budget. The stand is best suited for static use as the frame cannot withstand a lot of the pressure that comes with transportation and frequent assembling. Other key features include;

List Price: $24.95
Price: $24.55
You Save: $0.40
Price Disclaimer


This stand can accommodate keyboards from 49 keys to 88 keys. The height can also be adjusted to work for players who play while standing and those who prefer to remain seated. Unfortunately, the x-style is sure to get in your way if you are tall players who prefer to play while seated.


The stand is made using steel tubing which explains why the stand weighs a mere 6 lbs. Though this weight cannot withstand a lot of weight, the stand can be used for keyboards that are 130 lbs. and below.

Great for children

This is a great pick for children who are just learning the keyboard. Everything from the simple design to its weight and adjustability makes it ideal for keyboard players in different age groups.

Solid Construction

For a keyboard stand in this price range, the construction is quite impressive. Some users, though, have complained that the stand can be wobbly especially when used together with heavier keyboards.


Does not fit the 49 keys keyboard right

Though the stand is designed with the 49 keys keyboard in mind, most brands in this size do not fit really well and the keyboard cannot be adjusted any further than this. Though this is not as noticeable when one is standing, the problem becomes more prominent when the player is sited.

List Price: $24.95
Price: $24.55
You Save: $0.40
Price Disclaimer

Not great for gigging

A gigging stand should be easy to assembly, easily folded up, and strong enough to withstand regular transportation. Though this stand is easy to assemble, it cannot withstand the abuse that come with regular transportation for long. Players who have gigs in several locations should, therefore, look for something with a steadier build and a stronger frame.

3. Yamaha L-85 Keyboard Stand

Yamaha is a reputable brand known for its high quality music instruments and music accessories. Just like all Yamaha products, the L-85 is made to perfection and everything from the overall design to the material used to make the stands is designed to ensure that the stand offers great performance and also stands the test of time. Some of this stand’s notable features include;

List Price: $139.00
Price: $99.99
You Save: $39.01
Price Disclaimer

Great Looking

This is one of the best looking stands you can get. The stand frame is made of wood which means that it is essentially furniture. The stand will look great in your living room and when coupled with a Yamaha keyboard, it becomes an impressive piano.


Thanks to the material used to make the stand and overall construction, this is among the strongest stands. On the downside, the stand is also quite heavy though this should not be a problem as the stand is designed for static playing


Not portable

The stand should not be dissembled and the fact that it is also not foldable makes it non-portable. This is a keyboard that you simply buy and put it in one position. The stand is quite wide; therefore, you should take the space at your disposal into consideration before buying the stand.

Only accommodates Yamaha keyboards

This stand can only accommodate Yamaha keyboards and specifically those from the p-series. This only means that no matter how good-looking the stand is, you can only use it if you have a Yamaha keyboard.

List Price: $139.00
Price: $99.99
You Save: $39.01
Price Disclaimer

4.  RockJam Xfinity Heavy Duty Keyboard Stand

This is a classic x-style stand that comes with a sturdy frame and a great overall construction. The stand comes fully assembled and the different metal parts are welded together for enhanced stability. Other key features include;

Strong metal construction

This is a strong keyboard stand that can be used for both light and heavy keyboards. The x-construction and the light yet strong metal used to make the stand ensures that the stand is quite light and perfect for those looking for a strong and highly portable keyboard stand.

Strong support straps

This stand comes with straps that are designed to secure the keyboard in place. These straps will come in handy when you are in stage and want the keyboard to remain in one place no matter your movements. The straps are quite strong and made using high quality material.

Quick release mechanism

This is designed to make adjusting the height easy. The height allowance is quite wide making this stand ideally for both adults and children.

Non-slip rubber ends

This further ensures stability.


Little Leg room

Just like any x-style stand, this stand come with limited legroom. If you are tall, you will have a hard time placing your legs comfortably under the stand. Short players, however, have no problem whether they play seated or while standing.

Doesn’t fit larger keyboards

Though the description says that the stand can accommodate up to 88 keys keyboards, many users have complained that these large keyboards do not fit well. Smaller keyboards, however, fit perfectly and the fact that the stand also comes with straps means that these keyboards can be well secured.

5. Onstage KS7150 Tabletop Stand

List Price: $74.95
Price: $64.99
You Save: $9.96
Price Disclaimer

This Onstage creation lives up to its reputation as a heavy duty stand. The metal used to make this stand is quite strong not to mention the fact that the stand is designed for enhanced stability. Other features include;

Great Flexibility

This stand is quite flexible. The stand can be adjusted both in height and width meaning that it can accommodate most if not all players and different sizes of keyboards. Whether you play when seated or standing, you can adjust this stand to the height you want.


The stand folds flat like a card table which means that it is easy to store and transport. The fact that the stand comes in a sturdy design makes it perfect for players who have gigs in different locations and want a keyboard stand that will stand the test of time.

Easy to assemble

This is the easiest stand to assemble. Simply fold the stand for easy transportation and unfold it when you get to your destination. The stand is also very light which further enhances its portability.

A lot of legroom

This stand is open underneath which means that it comes with a lot of legroom. The legs are hinged to the tier which makes it quite different from the x-style keyboards that are notorious for limiting movement freedom under the stand.


Maxed height affects stability

This stand’s stability reduces as you increase the height. You should, therefore, be careful and only use the maximum height with very light keyboards.

Not as sleek

This stand comes with a vintage design.


List Price: $74.95
Price: $64.99
You Save: $9.96
Price Disclaimer
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