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Best Piano Bench Reviews

We have picked a very simple yet interesting topic today to talk about. We will talk about piano bench reviews in this article. Piano bench is a prime need for anybody who has a piano or is going to buy one. Therefore, we hope that this piano bench reviews article is going to help you in that process.

Human brains think in an interesting and weird way and you never know the reason behind those thoughts. We pay thousands of dollars for accessories like piano headphone or pedals but when it comes to the bench where you will sit on to play piano, people hesitate to pay. A piano bench is one of the most important accessories for your piano playing experience. It is a lot more than being a normal bench. We will talk about it in details so sit tight!

We have designed this review at the same way how we designed our best digital piano article. Piano benches are as important as the main instrument and we want you to understand that. The article is divided into different segments starting with the piano reviews. Simply read the part that you need. Let’s start!

Top 10 Best Piano Bench Reviews

In the introduction section, we mentioned that it is important not to go for a cheap piano bench model as benches are as important as your piano. It is true. Now, at the same time, you do not want to pay the same amount that you have paid for your piano for the bench, right? We need to find a balance where you get the best piano bench at a great price. That is the motto of this piano bench reviews article.

Also, all 10 piano benches that we have selected in this article are good ones and not ranked in any particular order. All are equally awesome. You just need to find the one that will suit your style the most. Let’s start.

  1. Yamaha PKBB1 Adjustable Padded Keyboard Bench

Whenever we think about piano bench, we have to talk about this Yamahamodel. This is the most sold piano bench in last 5 years. It is a simple one and there is hardly any reason to hate this model.

If you are looking for a low priced yet quality solution for your piano, then this is a great pick. The piano has padded sit which is ultra comfortable. There are two different versions including a regular padded version and a x style version. The height is around 17.5 to 19.5 inch and the X style model is adjustable. You can also fold the piano bench if you want to store it.


2. TMS Black Ebony Wood Leather Piano Bench

This is another simple yet classy model that you can go for. This piano bench is from the brand TMS and there is nothing extra on this model. If you are looking for a simple solution that can serve you for a long period of time then this is the one that you need.

The glossy black color is nice and two people can sit side by side while playing on this one. The weight capacity is up to 300 pounds (if two people are sitting then their weight should not exceed 300 pounds in total). All in all, this is something that will never generate complain.

This is a black piano bench made of wood with a quality touch of padded sits. There is nothing much to talk about the piano bench. It is very simple yet elegant. The price is standard and the only difference from the first model that we covered is that it is not X style and it does not have adjusting options.

If you are fine with that, there is no other reasons to hate this product for sure.

3. Ebony Adjustable Artist Piano Bench


This is another very comfortable piano bench from the brand CPS Imports. The solid wood made body will amaze you every time. The seat has 10 buttons and the height is adjustable.

Most people buy this model because of the color and the classy look. Comfort is another feature for which this model is famous. This is a premium piano bench and the price is a bit higher than the regular ones. You have to think about that too while you are buying this bench.

List Price: $89.99
Price: $89.99
Price Disclaimer


4. On Stage KT7800 Plus Padded Keyboard Bench

This is a modelfrom the brand OnStage and this is another famous and trusted model that you can choose. Especially, if you are a heavy weighted person then you will enjoy using this model as the company specially thought about weight capacity while making this product.

It can carry up to 360 lbs of weight and the thickness is 3 inch of the cushion which ensures comfort. The height is adjustable too from 19 inch up to 25 inch so it is a complete package for you.

List Price: $47.95
Price: $47.95
Price Disclaimer

5. Piano Bench Dual Leather Padded Keyboard Organ


As you can get it from the name, this is aduet piano bench designed for two people to play at the same time. There is a white version too which is a bit cheaper than the black one. Both are super comfortable to sit on.

The rubber on bench legs are a good addition as those will make sure that there is no noise and your floor is not getting damaged. The seat is leather based and the high gloss finish takes attention. All in all, this is a good deal to go for.

6. World Pride Black PU Leather Piano Bench Padded


This bench has music storage which is awesome. Apart from that, the bench is a good one that comes at a great budget price with almost all the features you need. There are three color options for you to choose from and you can either sit alone or in a duet position on this one.

The model is non-adjustable though which can be a problem. The wood frame is decent to look at. The secret behind this low price is not using leather. If you were looking for a leather model, this is not the one that you should go for.

7. Walnut Grand Piano Bench with Music Storage

So this is another piano bench that comes with music storage options. The size is 19 inch in terms of height and 30 inch long which is good enough to sit and play duet. The color is walnut (brown) and this is the only color that the company CPS Imports produce.

The USP of this product is that it is made of hard wood. Apart from that, this is a basic and long lasting bench without any special features.

List Price: $84.99
Price: $84.99
Price Disclaimer

8. Neewer PU Leather Pillow Top Duet Piano Bench with Padded Leather

If comfort is the only thing that you want in your life then this model will definitely generate your attention. This is a high density model and the bench padding is so high that you might sleep too of comfort while playing piano. The steel construction can easily carry up to 250 lbs of weight and you will never have fatigue while on this piano bench. It comes at a very cheap price which is another great part.



Things to Consider While Buying Piano Bench

There are certain things that you should keep in mind when you are buying a piano bench. We picked the most important ones for you in this section of the article. These points may look simple but these are extremely important to know and think about.

Let’s have a look at these things which are simple yet very important to consider.

Hard or Soft

The first thing that you should consider is whether you need a hard bench or a soft one. It is up to you at the end of the day. We cannot say that the hard bench is better than the soft one or vice versa.

There is a common aspect of hard benches that you should know about. It is really tough to sit on a hard bench for long period of time when you are playing piano. Also, people who don’t have good posture do not enjoy hard benches as those make you sit straight. On the other hand, when you will sit on a hard bench, it will be easier for you to move around if needed. This becomes extremely tough when you are using a soft bench.

Adjustable or Not

If you are going to buy/already have a piano that are used by more than one person in family, a good idea is to go for an adjustable piano bench. On the other hand, if you are sure about the position that you are comfortable at and you do not want to change that, you can go for a bench which is non-adjustable.

You might ask why is it important to think about a non-adjustable bench anyway when adjustable bench offers something better? The reason is price. When you are buying a bench which is non-adjustable, you will get those at a better price.


Again we have to go back to the introduction section of the article where we said that the cost is very important to consider when you are buying a piano bench. You will not buy a cheap model but at the same time, you will consider all the benefits and cons of buying a budget one too.

The rule of thumb is always to remember that you will not pay more than the value of the product that you are buying. It can be a super high cost product; it can be an average product but the price should match accordingly. If you can manage that, you will be a winner in terms of cost management.

Wide or Not

If you are the only one who is going to sit at the bench, then you might not need a wide bench. On the other hand, if you want to play musical duets or if you have a teacher then you will need a wide option because two people will have to sit on the bench in that case. Keep that in mind when you are searching for the perfect bench.

Extra Benefits

There are some piano benches that come with extra benefits (or features) such as a holder to hold your music drafts, a coffee cup holder and some even have jacks to make your bench a speaker. Look for some extra benefits if you can while you are doing your research. It is always awesome to be able to find something extra.


So you are basically done reading the piano bench reviews. It is an external section where we will talk about some basic questions that people ask when they are planning to buy a piano bench. We collected a set of common questions and chances are high that your one is also there! Let’s see.

Tell me the difference between a grand piano bench and an upright piano bench model?

The name grand has the clue in it. The grand piano benches or duet benches are around 36-inch-wide in general. On the other hand, the upright piano benches are around 30 inch wide along with a height of around 19 inch. Obviously, as you can understand, these measures vary but this is the average one.

Do I have to assemble the bench if I order it online?

No matter whether you order it online or offline, you will have to assemble the bench in your home. Assembling is a very easy task so there is nothing much that you should worry about. The benches come in a flat box and you just need to screw the legs with the main frame. Trust us, it is easy!

Why is a bench more expensive than another one?

Primarily, the reason is wood. Some benches are made with top quality wood where some other models are made of regular wood or even semi wood materials. But wood is not the only reason of price variation. It can also depend on the brand, the look and the additional features that a bench has.

Should I match the color of my piano bench with the piano?

Well, it depends on you to be honest. Some people love to do that and that is a common practice everywhere in the world. But there are some other people who choose another color intentionally so that the non-match effect is vibrant. At the end of the day, it completely depends on your taste!

Do I need to think about weight while buying piano?

Well, it depends. Normally, people do not think about their weight much when buying piano benches but if you are overweight then you obviously need to think about weight. No companies mention the weight capacity of their piano benches in the feature list or brochure. If you want to know the capacity, you need to contact the customer supports (if buying online) before you make the purchase.

Final Words

So, this was our complete article on the best piano bench reviews. Hopefully, now you can find an awesome piano bench for your needs. A bench is super important and with a good one, you will definitely feel the change. Do let us know how your new piano bench is doing. We will love to hear back from you guys.


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