Let’s face it! It is not easy to find the best digital piano from the market. It is a tough task and whoever has gone through this process knows about it now. Finding the best digital piano is one of the toughest tasks and this task is getting tougher every single day with new inventions in the music industry.

There is a saying that if there are tons of options out there for consumers, it is good because you get to choose from a bigger pool and the competition becomes healthy. According to many, it creates a problem too as you do not know which one to go for! We are trying to make your life a bit easier in our website by reviewing and discussing about the best digital pianos. As you are still reading, we are assuming that you seriously want to buy a good piano and are looking for digital piano reviews. You are at the perfect place.

In fact, you are in a place right now which will teach you everything required to go for an awesome digital piano within next 20 minutes. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will enjoy reading this article because we made this article detailed and informative. There is information for everybody so if you are already a professional, you might not need half of the article as you already know those stuffs. In that case, simply scroll and go down. We gave big headings to make your life easier.

Our #1 Pick

From the 10 digital piano’s we will discuss, the Yamaha YPG-535 88 Key Portable Grand Piano is our favourite. The Yamaha YPG-535 has a 4.5 rating out of 5 on Amazon and is considered to be the best buy if you are looking for an affordable high-quality digital piano.

The reason that we are picking  the Yamaha YPG-535 Digital Piano is because of the customer satisfaction and the price. We talked to more than 20 customers before selecting this as our pick for the article. All were and still are happy about the piano which we think is the most vital part of selecting a product. Saying that, you can actually go for any of these 10 options. You will end up getting a good product.

10 Best Digital Piano Reviews

So, this is the most important section of this article. In this section, we will simply talk about the 10 best digital piano reviews. We only picked the pianos that are currently available in market right now. There is no point in reviewing products that you cannot buy from the market in 2017 or beyond. Therefore, we will only be talking about pianos that are currently available.

Also, we should tell you that there is no ranking among the 10 digital piano reviews that we discussed about. All these 10 models are better than the rest of the market but there is no ranking among these 10 models.

Anyway, as we all are ready now, let’s get into the reviews!

  1. P45B from Yamaha

The first piano that we will talk about is the P45B from Yamaha. This is a super famous digital piano among all and there are three different versions that you can choose from. There is a regular version as well as a deluxe pack and a standard pack. Both of those cost a little higher than the regular version.

Yamaha P45B is a piano which will solve almost all of your feature needs. The most important part is always the sound which is very natural in P45B. You will hardly find any difference between the sound of this model and a good quality acoustic piano. The polyphony of 64 notes will allow you to perform without dropping or cutting off any notes.

There are different modes which will again make your life a lot easier in dealing with the piano. The USB allows you to integrate this piano with other devices as well as with computers and cellphones. All in all, this is a brilliant version to go for.


2. Yamaha YPG-535 88 Key Portable Grand Piano

Don’t worry! We did not take money from the brand Yamaha but their products are good enough to make it in our best digital piano list. This is another famous and awesome digital piano to go for. There are two different versions (a 76 key version and a 88 key version) that you can choose.

The touch and feel plays a big role whenever you are playing an instrument like piano. You have to enjoy the feel of it while playing and this piano model worked on that feature. The USB features are there like the previous version we talked about.

The LCD is a small one (around 320X240) but is a good option to see your lyrics, chords and the notes. There are some other interesting features like performance assistant technology which will allow you to perform even better.


3.Williams Legato 88 Key Digital Piano

Williams Legato 88 Key Digital Piano review

Williams Legato 88 Key Digital Piano review

If you are not ready to spend a lot of money on a digital piano right now but yet if you are looking to get one of the best digital piano models from the market, then Williams Legato 88 key is a good option. The price is budget friendly but the features are awesome too.

The keys are semi weighted and there are different sounds that you can generate (obviously) from the piano such as electric, acoustic, organ, bass and so on. It is battery operated and very portable. You will need 6 batteries to run this piano.

The metronome is built in and the whole piano will give you a vibe that this is something that has been built to work and practice hard. There are built in speakers and midi ports in this model.

It does not come with batteries or stands but you can always buy those separately.

4.Williams Allegro 2 88 Key Hammer Action Digital Piano


This is more like an advanced version of the previous model that we talked about. Obviously, as you can get it from the name, this is an 88 key version and the hammer action will give you a different feel. The keyboard is not fully weighted though which you must know. It is good enough for beginners and starters. Most piano teachers recommend this piano to students.

You will also receive a music stand which will help you to stand and play this piano. All the basic features are like the previous models so there is no point in repeating.


5. Casio Privia PX 160 Digital Piano

Casio Privia PX160BK 88-Key Full Size Digital Piano
List Price: $499.00
Price: $399.00
You Save: $100.00
Price Disclaimer

This is actually a pretty interesting bundle deal that we will talk about. It comes with almost everything that you need to make your piano life awesome. If you are starting and have a good budget, you should definitely think about this Casio model as it has a lot to offer.

There are two different versions (150 and 160) which vary in terms of size. There are also two colors (black and white) that you can choose from. This model comes with an instruction manual, DVD, book and also with stand, pedal and even bench to make your life easier. This is a complete solution and though the price is a bit higher, it actually costs less if you think about the total price.

The speaker and the playing buttons are well designed. You won’t have any problem with the jacks and outputs either. Casiois always awesome when it comes to designing delicate items and they did the same in this case too.



6. Alesis Coda 88 Key Digital Piano


If you are looking for a digital piano that comes at a good price with semi-weighted keys, then this can be a great pick to go for. The brand is Alesis which is a popular and new one among musicians. There are different versions though which you can check on provided links.

This is especially a great option for those who are forming a new band or who are trying to learn piano. There is a user record mode which will allow you to record your song with music. You can play this piano alongside all other equipment as there is aux input.

The piano comes with pedal and power supply. All in all, this is a great model to go for.



7. Casio PX 860 Privia Digital Home Piano

Casio PX-860 Privia Digital Home Piano, White
List Price: $999.99
Price: $999.99
Price Disclaimer

If you are looking to go for a premium product which will not only give you awesome musical experience but also will enhance the look of your home, this is the one that you should select. This PX 860 model from Casio is a treat to eye and classic musicians love this one.

The model is new in market and there are three different color options (brown, black or white) that you can go for. The keys are also well made in different styles which will give an awesome treat to your hands.

The responsive keypad is easy to work with. There is different sensitivity level that you can set. The simulator will also make it easy for you. The price is higher than most other options that we talked about for sure. But the benefits are extreme too!




8. Yamaha DGX650B Digital Piano

Yamaha DGX650B Digital Piano
List Price: $749.99
Price: $749.99
Price Disclaimer

This product has been the best seller for a long time in the digital piano industry. This is probably the most sold version of digital piano in planet right now. The price is not low neither super high compared to the features. All in all, you should definitely have a detailed look at this digital piano. When we say that we will find you the best digital piano, we try to find pianos like this one.

You can do amazing music records using this piano. The model is great when it comes to AUX input as it can jell with anything on this planet. The 128 polyphony is also good enough for easy performance.

This is an 88 note model and you will definitely enjoy the touch. Overall, this is definitely the model that we highly recommend.




9. Williams Rhapsody digital piano


It is a heavy digital piano in terms of weight. The weight is around 94 pounds so it is definitely not a convenient model. Leaving that behind, if you are looking for a piano that can bridge the gap between a regular piano and a digital piano then this is the option for you. It looks exactly like an acoustic piano but the features are of digital piano.

The brand is Williams and it is a new brand. The product is new as well. When we contacted the users of this product, almost 90% of them were delighted with the service. The piano is a grand one and can perform not only regular stuff but voice polyphony too if required.

It is more of a classical performing tool than being a every day device so think about that aspect too when you are planning to buy Rhapsody 2.


10. Yamaha P Series P105B Digital Piano


So, we will end our best digital piano list with this Yamaha P Series digital piano which is known as the P105B model. This is another hugely popular piano from the brand Yamaha. There is a setting called duet partner which will allow you to play this piano with someone else.

The GHS action along with the 88 note will serve you well. The polyphony is of 128 note which is awesome.

Another good part about this piano is the built in drum. It can be an easy alternative to the metronome if you can play around with it. It can also be used in your performance if you can be an expert.


Best Digital Piano Buying Guide

There are a lot of things that you should keep in mind when you are searching for the best digital piano. There can be a number of points but obviously, we couldn’t mention all of those. Also, the points vary from person to person depending on the personal needs and requirements. Therefore, we tried to keep this buying guide super simple.

We included all the general but important points that you should keep in mind while you are searching for your piano. You might not need to think about all the points but try to match as many as you can to ensure an awesome piano for your home. Let’s see!


The first question that you need to address is that why do you need the digital piano? It is very important to address the exact need first before you go ahead and purchase the piano because the type will vary depending on your needs. Where in white eyes, everyone is buying to play digital piano but you have to go one step ahead.

If you are going to go for music production then you will need a piano that can support MIDI, USB and those other tools that you need to record and produce music. There are certain piano models which can also mix music and you can go for those too.

On the other hand, if you want to go for stage music or for learning purposes, there are different models which will suit you more. Therefore, try to understand the exact need before you go ahead and purchase a model.


Have a look that whether the piano that you are planning to buy has enough connectivity options or not. The digital piano should always have midi options so that you can add computer, cellphone and even other instruments and recorders with the piano. Previously, it was not a prime feature but now almost every digital piano has this feature installed.


Digital pianos are not cheap to buy. They are costly but you have to make sure that the product that you are buying is good value for the money that you are spending. If you are spending a certain amount of money, you should always expect getting value for each of those dollars. Do not pay high amount only because it is a famous brand. Always value the features of the product individually. In other words, do not stereotype!


One of the biggest reasons that why people go for digital piano is the portability feature. Obviously, all digital piano models are portable but some of those are more portable than the other ones. Depending on your needs, you might select those over others. Some people do not need to move their digital piano even from one room to another. If you are one of them then you should not pay attention to this point at all!


Obviously, you will have a detailed look at the features when you are buying a digital piano but there is a cache here. Do not bother about the features that you do not need. Let’s use a simple example to make things clear for you.

There are people out there who pay even $100 extra just because they think the piano which has recording options will serve them better. Now, these are the same people who are sure that they will never go for recording with this piano in their lifetime.

Do you think they should pay that extra money? We don’t think so! It is up to you though at the end of the day but our suggestion would be to pay for only the features that you really need! Other features might look tempting but you should avoid those.

Why Should You Buy a Digital Piano?

Why buy the best digital piano

There is a theory that when a consumer can understand the proper importance of the tool that he or she is going to buy, the chances are high that the purchase will be a lot smoother than before. Now, the question that you might have in your mind is that why should you go for a digital piano, right? That’s a very good question and we tried to answer that question in this section of the article.

There are a lot of reasons to go for a digital piano but let’s face it! The biggest reason or the benefit for which people go for digital piano is the price. They are a lot more affordable than the acoustic piano models and that makes a huge difference.

Especially, if you are a newbie and you do not know whether you will establish your career on piano or not, a digital piano is the obvious selection because you do not want to spend much. Think about it. What if you buy an acoustic piano with so much money and end up not using it? That will be a huge waste of money and it should never happen. So, if you are a beginner or if you are still on the learning phase or are planning to learn piano, the best idea is to go for a digital piano any day.

Another big reason that why people go for digital piano over acoustic is the compact size and ease of using. It is not possible to deal with a regular king size piano for everyone. On the other hand, digital models are easy to use and you can easily carry them from one room to another or even in your jamming session if required. Those cannot be done with the big acoustic model.

Maintenance is another big reason that why you should go for the best digital pianos. Pianos need constant maintenance but when it is a digital piano, life becomes easier. You do not have to tune it and it won’t have problems related to dust, heat or humidity. It is like owning a laptop with all the piano features (Sorry for the bad example).

From volume control to the sound diversity and quality, there are a lot of features that only the best digital piano models can offer. Yes, the acoustic piano will always have that antique look and feature but you can never compare it with the digital piano. Digital pianos are made to be played every single day if required. These are like good horses that you can depend on.

We will have a detailed article on the differences of digital vs acoustic piano models soon but for now, hopefully, you understand why you should go for a digital piano model.

Final Words

Always remember that when you are buying something valuable like a best digital piano, the idea of the ‘best digital piano’ will be different for each individual. A model which is a great option for your friend might not be that awesome to you. It varies depending on your taste, different features and also on the style of using digital piano.

What we always recommend is that you take time when looking for the best digital piano model. We know you will love to get a piano as soon as you can but take a few minutes and think properly on which model will give you a long term benefit. A lot of people buy the wrong piano without understanding their own style. Do not fall in that trap.

If you ever have any questions related to the best digital piano models, feel free to contact us. We will try our level best to solve all your queries and confusions.