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M-Audio keystation 88 II review

M-Audio keystation

M-Audio keystation 88 II review

M-Audio keystation 88 II is a budget-friendly MIDI keyboard controller designed with both professional and beginner music lovers in mind. It’s a multi-keyed and performance-oriented keyboard controller through which you can seamlessly play cybernetic instruments and reorganize your favorite music on a computer. It comes packaged with 3 supplementary pieces of software which include Ableton Live lite music creation software, virtual SONIVOX piano and Xpand!2 Multitimbral DAW software. It’s a multipurpose keyboard controller that can be used to practically perform all music composition, recording and performance projects.

M-Audio Keystation 88 II Design

It measures 9.8 inches wide, 3.6 inches deep and 53.9 inches high. It weighs 17 lbs. Of all the keystation 88 series keyboards, it’s the longest and largest. The keyboard is super-solid and feels very nice when operating. The keys are semi-weighted which means you require more energy to operate them. Its Octave buttons are super cool and natural. On the frontage, the keyboard leaves a slim footprint which guarantees enough spacing for keeping your other essential music instruments on the desk. The keyboard doesn’t include lots of unnecessary pads and buttons which makes it easier to learn and use.

M-Audio Keystation 88 II Features

M-Audio Keystation 88 II is richly supplied with fitting and super-effective features. It has got 88 full-sized super-rapid keys that promise to mimic and improve your piano playing experience. The keys are super cool and natural which makes the keyboard suitable for both professional and amateur musicians and performers. The 6.3 mm sustain pedal input works perfectly with all universal control pedals to guarantee real piano sustainability. The keyboard is USB powered and it works perfectly with USB-MIDI connectivity, Apple iPad camera connectivity and iOS connectivity.

It includes a space-age Ableton Live Lite program that allows you to efficiently and smoothly compose, record, remix and edit your music ideas in fluid audio environment. This amazing virtual keyboard controller as well comes with a Multitimbral workspace referred to as Xpand!2 which includes 4 dynamic audio components on each area. Each component integrates with one MIDI channel and features one mix, modulation, arpeggiation and note range effects settings. What makes this keyboard controller more amazing is the FM synthesis and wavetables sampling capabilities as well as available of many different ready-to-play patches.

Another wonderful feature of the M-Audio Keystation 88 II is the SONIVOX’s 88 Ensemble piano system that lets you reliably capture 9-foot CD327 Steinway piano. This device is knowledgeably experimented and will allow you to proficiently add your favorite performances, compositions and recordings. With its outstanding synth pads, choral pads and layer strings, you can authentically create lush embryonic textures and soundscapes.

Advantages Of M-Audio Keystation 88 II


M-audio Keystation 88 II is a bestselling keyboard controller that is linked to many benefits. Musicians and performers who previously used this keystation recommend it due to the following benefits.


  • Excellent durability and portability-The keyboard has a solid body design and is portable enough to be easily moved around the studio. Weighing l7 lbs, this keyboard can be safely rested on any kind of table.
  • Comes with multiple easy to operate keys-The 88 audio-sensitive keys in this keyboard are easy to maneuver and don’t require you to have any special skills and knowledge.
  • It can be safely powered with a USB. This means, when you invest in this keyboard, you will reduce wire cluttering in your studio as well as increase your savings on energy.
  • It makes playing all out of box piano sounds possible. The keyboard is enriched with superb features like VSTi piano instrument, Ableton Live Lite and SONiVOX 88 Ensemble which make it possible for you to smoothly play all out of the box piano sounds.

Disadvantages Of M-Audio Keystation 88 II


While a large number of the customers who bought this M-Audio Keystation system rated it positively, there are a number of negative things they pointed out about it. These include;

  • Makes lots of noise because of the spring installed beneath the keys.
  • The USB port packaged with the keyboard is too short.
  • It hardly feels like playing a real keyboard.
Final Words

We all value our time and money. There is no instance you will want to buy keyboard controller that is prone to exclusivity and effectiveness. M-Audio Keystation 88 II is a bestselling keyboard controller you can always rely on to boost your piano play experience and allow you make the most out of your virtual instruments play experience.