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Top 5 Piano Light Product Review

Top 5 Piano Light

Any piano player knows that when you are playing piano, the lighting matters. Not only can it benefit you greatly to have a bright light, but not having enough light or having too much light can cause major problems. Not enough light causes you to have to strain your eyes which can cause eyesight problems in the future. Too much light can cause a glare and make it harder to read the sheet music than no light. However, the right amount of light provides an optimal setting in which to play your heart out at the piano. This optimal setting can be created by having just the right piano light. These piano lights listed all provide a bright light that will illuminate your sheet music and help you clearly see the notes you are playing.


1. Cocoweb 19” Dimmable Adjustable LED Grand Piano Clip-On Lamp

The Cocoweb 19” Grand Piano Lamp is a fantastic piano light that has many great features. One of the most enticing features is the fact that it is LED. Many times LED lights are brighter and won’t require you to strain your eyes. This will help keep your eyes healthy for the long haul. Not to mention that LED lighting is extremely more energy-efficient with this particular piano light consuming half the amount of electricity a normal, traditional bulb would consume. It also doesn’t emit any harmful or toxic UV rays which makes it an environmentally friendly choice.

While the Cocoweb Piano Light is kind of pricey at $218.00 on Amazon, it is totally worth the cost. It is attractive looking with a black finish and brass accents. As I previously mentioned, it emits a very bright light that doesn’t cause a glare and evenly distributes across 3 sheets of music, and it has a dimmer switch so you can control the brightness levels. With all of these benefits and more, $218.00 doesn’t sound too bad anymore.

2. Cocoweb 22” Adjustable Energy Efficient LED Grand Piano Lamp

Cocoweb 22 Adjustable Energy Efficient LED Grand Piano Lamp with Bi-Rotational Shade – Black/Brass Accents

It is not a coincidence that the second piano light named on this list is also made by Cocoweb. It has received stunning reviews and is only second to the first listing because of the price. This piano light is practically the same light as the first one listed, but is a little bit bigger causing more space to be covered and illuminated by the light. With 22” of light, the piano light can adequately and evenly illuminate over 3 full pages of sheet music.

This light also uses a LED bulb of which the major benefits were discussed in the first listing. Basically, it provides enough light to reduce eye straining and fatigue. It also takes up much less electricity than a traditional light bulb does making it extremely energy efficient. Another benefit to using Cocoweb LED bulbs is that they are tested and made to last for more than 50,000 hours. This means that you will most likely never have to change the bulb. Because this light is a little bit bigger than the first one, it is naturally a little bit pricier. It is $248.00 on Amazon. However, if you can afford the extra $30 difference from the first one, I would highly recommend this piano light for your piano needs.


3. Cocoweb 12”-16” Height Adjustable LED Piano Lamp

If you haven’t already noticed in the item title, our third piano light is from what company? You guessed it. It is yet another piano light made by Cocoweb. If you haven’t figured out at this point, Cocoweb makes amazing piano lights that apply to all situations and needs. This one is a little bit different though in that the height of the light is adjustable. It can go anywhere from 12” to 16”. However, the length of the light itself is 19”. Once again, this piano light is an LED light. The benefits to LED are many and they have already been mentioned in detail. LED is exponentially more energy efficient than the traditional light bulb, with this piano light coming in at 80% more energy efficient than the traditional piano light. This light also differs from the other lights mentioned so far because it is built to fit both upright and grand pianos.

The first two piano lights mentioned are made specifically for grand pianos. For this reason, this piano light might be a better choice for the piano player who plays at home. However, surprisingly, the price of this piano light is actually more than the 19” piano light listed first. This lamp costs $227.00 on Amazon, which is actually lower than what it costs on Cocoweb’s website, where it is $247.00. So while it is more expensive, it is still a lower price on Amazon than you will find other places.


4. SheetMusic Northwest LED Piano Lamp

You will notice that I have finally included a piano light that isn’t over $200.00 and that is also not made by Cocoweb. However, because of the benefits of LED that have already been talked about in detail, I have chosen to stick with another LED piano light. One of the big differences between this piano light and the Cocoweb lights is that this one is only 12” long meaning it illuminates significantly less space. This could be a downside if you are wanting to illuminate 2-3 pages at once.

However, because it is significantly cheaper than the larger Cocoweb piano lights it is a great choice for people with a lower budget or who are just beginning to learn and play the piano. It also doesn’t have as long of a battery life as the Cocoweb piano lights do, but it is still 30,000 hours which should almost guarantee that you won’t have to ever replace them. This piano light is $98.99 on Amazon and should be a great lamp to buy if you are on a tight budget.

5. Boston Harbor ATB-8004 Piano Desk Lamp

Lastly, I have chosen an extremely cheap piano light that ranks very highly on Amazon. This piano light costs only $24.47 and is definitely only recommended for the very recent beginner or the piano player on an ultra-tight budget. It is still an LED lamp, but the bulbs are sold separately whereas with the other lights listed, the bulbs are included. One of the great things about this piano light is that because it isn’t a clip on light, it can double as a desk lamp. Nevertheless, this light is last on the list for a reason. Although, it is cheap and works fine, the other lights listed will be much more helpful in meeting your piano lighting needs.

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