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VidaXL Classic Electronic Digital Piano


VidaXL Classic Electronic


So, whether you’re into soul or pop, the rallying rock of Dylan or the stirring sound of Beethoven, the piano is a wonderful instrument to be able to play, with a unique but ever-distinguishable effect. But where do you begin? With so many pianos, electric pianos, synths, and digital keyboards on the market, buying an instrument can be a difficult task. In this review of one particular product available – the VidaXL Classic Electronic Digital Piano – we’ll be exploring the possibilities this instrument offers, whatever your preferred style of sound.


VidaXL Classic Electronic Digital Piano – Review


The body of this digital piano is made of melamine wood, a material generally used in the construction of kitchen cabinets. Though it’s not what you may initially expect from a piano, this choice was a smart move on the part of VidaXL – melamine wood is durable, offering a strong structural frame to the instrument. It is also available at a good price, meaning VidaXL’s piano is on sale for reasonable fees. This material also makes the cleaning of the piano a straightforward task, with a consistent, smooth finish. It is a visually appealing and fairly reliable base for the instrument. However, this design choice is not without its cons – despite its durability, melamine has often been found to be prone to chipping and is a very heavy material, making the likelihood of damaging the wood far greater if you want to transport the piano.

Another appealing aspect of the VidaXL Classic Electronic Digital Piano compared to competing electric keyboards is its full 88 keys; the same as a standard classical piano. This is great news for anyone looking to emulate the sound and look of a more expensive grand piano. Of course, if you’re simply looking for an instrument to add a fun, synthy layer to a music jam, you may be after something a little less complex, but if you really want to immerse yourself in the full pianist experience and learn to play as well as the pros, this could be the thing for you.

There is, however, an additional drawback for those who wish to use the digital piano as a transition into the traditional instrument: the keys on the VidaXL Classic Electronic Digital Piano are not weighted and do not detect pressure. This is the element that usually distinguishes electronic pianos from the real thing – where classic grand pianos will produce sounds of varying intensity and power depending on the pressure applied to the keys, this instrument will produce identical sounds no matter the pressure applied. Though this is great for beginners, those looking to replicate the experience of an authentic piano may be disappointed by the removal of this layer of authenticity.


The VidaXL Classic Electronic Digital Piano is not exclusively for serious, traditionalist pianists: the instrument also contains a stunning 128 different kinds of sounds for the musician to play with. If you want to feature the steady beat of drums in a track but simply can’t get a hold of a drummer, why not explore the percussion effects stored in the piano’s database? Or, if you feel your work could use a little extra spark, why not try using the trumpet mode to bring a sexy side of of jazz to your music?


For the beginner, the VidaXL Classic Electronic Digital Piano also offers 50 demo songs to display the potential of the instrument, giving learners both simple and more advanced melodies to strive towards. And to encourage creativity as well as learning discipline, the piano includes a recording function, so that your own compositions can be quickly and easily stored without the need for immediate transferral to digital media. Although such features are often included in digital pianos, the sheer range of sounds, demos and even audio accompaniments, as well as a trustworthy memorable bank, make the VidaXL Classic Electronic Digital Piano product a solid alternative to any of the bigger brands on the market.


What really makes the VidaXL Classic Electronic Digital Piano stand out, however, is the aforementioned frame. With no need to buy any additional support for the instrument, the piano can make a beautiful addition to a room, with a headphone jack to allow musicians to play without disturbing housemates or neighbours. To sweeten the deal, the VidaXL Classic Electronic Digital Piano includes a handy music stand so that you can see the notes in front of you, whether they’re elegant compositions in a professional music book or simply chords and melodies printed from the internet. Of course, this isn’t without it’s cons either – though a piano as a fixture is an appealing concept, it’s lack of portability does demonstrate a certain weakness in comparison with the smaller, lightweight keyboards available from other distributors.


VidaXL Classic Electronic Digital Piano – Pros and Cons


· For its quality, the VidaXL Classic Electronic Digital Piano is available at a very reasonable price.

· The instrument is versatile and fit for musicians of all styles and genres.

· A full 88 keys and a aesthetically pleasing melamine wood design make the VidaXL Classic Electronic Digital Piano a great addition to the home, provided you have room.


· The VidaXL Classic Electronic Digital Piano is quite simply not designed for portable use.

· Touch-sensitive but not pressure-sensitive, the VidaXL Classic Electronic Digital Piano may not be the first choice for those interested in pursuing classical piano playing.


There is no doubt that the VidaXL Classic Electronic Digital Piano has its drawbacks. It is heavy, it isn’t pressure-sensitive, and many of its features can be found on other standard electronic keyboards. But for newcomers to the instrument, and for those looking for a great, visually striking, technologically versatile electronic piano, the VidaXL Classic Electronic Digital Piano is an affordable and appropriate choice.

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