Williams Allegro 2 88 Key Hammer Action Digital Piano

Interested to go for Williams Allegro 2 88-Key Hammer Action Digital Piano Williams Allegro 2 88 Key Hammer Action Digital Piano?

In a previous couple of years, Williams has attempted to set up itself in the moderate section of the advanced pianos advertise, battling alongside mammoths like Yamaha and Casio. At the point when the organization discharged the main Allegro 88-key sled activity advanced piano, the reaction was not in the same class as it anticipated.

Numerous clients griped about its poor sound quality and dynamic responsiveness, so the maker chose to overhaul the venture without any preparation, including some energizing highlights, (for example, a USB port) and a superior sound motor to the blend.

Features of Williams Allegro 2 88 Key Hammer Action Digital Piano

If we think about the price and the feature combination of Williams Allegro 2 88 Key Hammer Action Digital Piano, we have to admit that the company did a pretty good job. Though it could not have been possible if the piano was not made in China (a lot of people don’t know it as the name Williams is a bit deceiving) but we still think this is a good digital piano in terms of the features that it provide. Anyway, let’s have a look at some of the key features of this piano.

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Upgraded Version

Obviously, as you can understand from the name, this is the second version of the popular Williams Allegro series. Previously, people had lots of complains with the Allegro one in terms of responsiveness and sound quality so the company made sure that those problems are not there anymore in the new one. Interesting features like USB options and a better sound engine which was not there in the previous version made this product even more interesting.

Williams Allegro 2

Also, subsequently, practically a fresh out of the box new Williams computerized piano was born.Williams Digital pianos have made a name for themselves in the classification of adaptable, low-valued advanced pianos, by offering artists and music fans an ideal adjust of the look, feel, and the sound of an acoustic piano alongside the extraordinary scope of highlights that exclusive a digital piano can offer.

The organization has now declared their most recent model, Williams Allegro 2 88-key computerized piano, which takes after nearly in the custom of its forerunner Williams Allegro at an exceptionally moderate cost of $299.99 as it were. Be that as it may, in its attempt to offer low-evaluated pianos, has Williams traded off with the highlights and general sound nature of Williams Allegro 2? How about we discover!


The new Williams Allegro 2 is a full-sized digital piano, which brags of a staggeringly reasonable piano feel on account of its weighted 88-pound activity, full-sized keys but figures out how to evade any bargains being made to its minimization or transportability highlights. Being battery controlled and exceptionally convenient, at an extremely moderate value, the Williams Allegro 2 turns into an ideal decision for understudies, little groups, home diversion, schools, and places of worship. It’s reasonable activity and unusual sounds make it a magnificent melodic instrument to play, independent of kinds, regardless of whether it is established, pop, shake or jazz music.

Stacked with a splendid new custom sound library, the Williams Allegro 2 likewise offers ten sound specimens including established and current pianos and also electronic consoles and synths. These sound examples incorporate a decent stereo, 10′ 2″ show stupendous with stereo speed tests. Other remarkable sounds include electric pianos, alongside strings, synthesizers, and bass. The Williams Allegro 2 can fulfill a wide assortment of melodic needs, on account of its split and layer capacities which permits consolidating the different sounds in a coveted way.

The Allegro 2 offers another MODFX include which gives constant control of the rotating speaker impact and a vibrato impact for electric pianos, notwithstanding remarkable reverb and chorale impacts. This extra component in addition to the mallet activity keys, the custom sound library, split and layer works, all joined enable the player to have more explicit control over the inner sounds than some other computerized piano in its class.

Williams Allegro 2 pound activity advanced piano further utilize, the Williams Allegro 2 ends up being an entire melodic instrument for console players. It brags of inbuilt speakers, stereo, 1/4 inch sound outs for association with any sound framework, an earphone jack (which was absent in the past Allegro model), a programmed detecting maintain pedal, a music stand, and even a metronome! It can likewise be utilized as MIDI controller and can associate with a PC using a USB port for recording to any standard MIDI application. With simple to explore controls and the illustrations LCD, the Allegro 2 turns out to be very simple to peruse and alter the settings appropriately.

The flexibility of Allegro 2 doesn’t end here; you may run it on batteries or utilize a discretionary AC control supply!

Key Features of Williams Allegro 2 88-Key Digital Piano

– 88-pound activity weighted keys

– 64-note Polyphony

– 10 Sound Samples

– Split and Layer capacities

– MIDI availability over USB

– Headphone Jacks

– Built-in Speakers

– Reverb and Chorus Effects alongside MOD/FX controls


So, what about the sound? Was Williams able to make the sound better this time with Allegro 2? We think that they have done a brilliant job and you will agree to it completely once you play this piano. The Williams Allegro 2 88 Key Hammer Action Digital Pianonow has 10′ 2″ grand piano sounds which is super concrete.

There are three different velocity layers to make sure that you are getting enough variations when you are playing this piano.

Obviously, you get 8 different sound types too in this piano such as organs and so on but those stuffs are now available in all types of pianos so we will not talk details about that.

Have a feel of the sound of this Piano now!


The next thing we will talk about is the control of this digital piano. Again, there is a great benefit of buying an advanced version of something that previously had another version. It is easy for the companies to change those mistakes and as consumers, it is great for us too as we get to use better products.

According to us, the Williams Allegro 2 88 Key Hammer Action Digital Piano has the best sound editing system right now in the market. From the transpose button to the split point, everything is super slick and easy in this one.

There is a recorder inside which will allow you to record your songs while you are playing. The keyboard can also easily be connected to your PC, mac or other tech devices.

We obviously do not rate products in our reviews but if we had to rate it, we would have definitely rated it high for sure! This is a great piano to go for.

Examination with the Allegro 88-key Digital Piano

The more up to date Williams Allegro 2 has new highlights and overhauls included over those of the prior Allegro model. The new Allegro 2 presents the choice of USB availability which enables it to associate any PC, alongside another MOD/FX control alternative which takes into consideration more prominent control over the interior sounds. There are likewise an other two sound examples in the Allegro 2 and implicit speakers, which were lost in the past model. Allegro 2 has an earphone yield, which empowers the player to rehearse at home with no foundation/open air commotion meddling with his training and additionally without any other individual at home getting bothered.

There is a slight increment in the cost of the before Allegro model, however that being said at $299.99, the Allegro 2 stays a standout amongst the most proficient advanced pianos in this value run. There is a remarkable change in the general form and nature of sound in the Allegro 2 as well and joined with the other minor overhauls and increments at a somewhat higher value; the Allegro 2 ends up being a more appropriate item than its Williams Allegro 2 advanced piano forerunners.


– Low Price

– Easy to utilize

– Portability

– Responsive principal activity

– Realistic Sound


– Limited sound determination

Control Anything You Want

Presently, the advantage of every one of these highlights is that you have such a wide assortment of choices to control and advance your sound. What’s more, with the Allegro 2, one could contend that you get extraordinary compared to other sound editors in a digital piano went for passage level players. Here, you can change the piano console pitch by squeezing the Transpose catch, replace the split point or even the split octave for getting higher or bring down sounds on the left hand.

Also, once you’ve completed, you can include a reverb (up to eight unique sorts) and change its profundity, improve the principle sound with a theme (eight varieties) and modify the measure of impact to the blend, or even add an extra regulation to get a custom tone.

The built-in advanced recorder enables you to record your tune, as well, by squeezing the Song and Play catches at the same time.

Final Words

Well, Williams Allegro 2 88 Key Hammer Action Digital Piano is definitely a good pick in most cases but if you are expecting unreal performance from this keyboard then you will be disappointed. This is a very good model for beginners and a decent option for starters or occasional players. Overall, we think this is a good model to go for.





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