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Yamaha moxf8 digital piano review

yamaha moxf8 digital piano

If you are passionate about music, and not just to listen, then we invite you to discover the best digital piano, namely Yamaha MOXF8. Yamaha MOXF8 is known as Yamaha MOTIF XF8. For those that are interested to buy the ideal digital piano, they should know that Yamaha MOXF8 will provide them high quality and a great experience.

The progress that may be seen in the digital environment may be noticed also in the digital piano’s market. Nowadays, digital pianos are becoming multi-functional, having the possibility to use them as standalone, but also combining their features with computers or mobile devices.

One of the best digital pianos comes with a new model, Yamaha MOXF8, which brings to its clients a lot of functionalities and features, wonderful applications and a great price. In the following sections of our review, we kindly invite you to meet the best keyboard that you may want to play.

List Price: $1,699.99
Price: $1,699.99
Price Disclaimer

Yamaha MOXF8 Product specifications

Yamaha MOXF8 is a GHS keyboard, Initial Touch, with 88 keys. It provides an AWM2 tone generator and the maximum polyphony has 128 notes. If you choose this product, you will benefit from several effects, such as Reverb x 9 types, Master EQ in 5 bands and Chorus x 22 types. The sequencer has a capacity of 226,000 notes and a maximum polyphony of 124 notes. The sequencer has 64 songs, several mixing templates and several mixing voices. The sequencer includes also 64 patterns and 6 scene memories per song.

Yamaha MOXF8 is 132 centimeters wide, 16.8 centimeters in height and 40.5 centimeters deep. Its weight is equal with 14.9 kg. The power supply of this digital piano is equal to 13W.

5 principal features of the MOXF8

1. Yamaha MOXF8 comes with a multitude of features in order to provide you the best experience. Among these features, there are five principal features, namely the sound quality, sound engine, VCM effects, the possibility to expand the flash memory, a built-in sequencer and performance mode.

2. The sound quality is great for Yamaha MOXF8 and this is due to the large variety of instrumental voices that are included in this keyboard, voices such as orchestral sounds, pianos, drums and wind instruments.

3. The sound engine of this new model of Yamaha MOXF8 includes 741 MB waveforms and 136 new voices. Besides, you can find also hip-hop sounds, clarinets sounds and orchestral music.

4. Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) is a technology that helps the digital piano to improve the sonic texture in the MOXF in those old compressors that are analog. This new model of Yamaha MOXF8 brings you also the possibility to connect your microphone to the A/D terminal.

5. The possibility to expand flash memory is another principal feature of the new model Yamaha MOXF8. Having an optional Flash board, this keyboard allows you to increase your new samples up to 1 GB. You may even add samples from Yamaha’s products, but also from other libraries that you may buy.

6. Built-in sequencer is a tool that provides you the chance to be creative and produce your own high-quality music without the need for external devices or using your computer to mix your music.

7. Performance mode is a great feature provided by Yamaha MOXF8 that helps you to develop your creativity. You may combine up to four voices and then play these combined voices using the MIDI channel. This model of Yamaha MOXF8 includes 256 performances that are preset and these include rock music, jazz and many other kinds of music from all over the world.

List Price: $1,699.99
Price: $1,699.99
Price Disclaimer

Advanced features provided by Yamaha MOXF8

Besides the above mentioned principal features, Yamaha MOXF8 has also some other great advanced features that you may enjoy by choosing this nice digital piano. These advanced features include music production software, only one USB cable that should be used for MIDI connections and audio, Cubase AI 7, the possibility to control the DAW software, Steinberg Prologue VSTi and YC-3B Tone Wheel Organ VST.

Music production software is very useful when you are looking to be creative and try to produce your own music. By using this software provided by Yamaha MOXF8, you will be able to integrate the music into your computer. This software includes MOXF Editor, Remote Tools and MOXF Remote Editor.

One USB cable is enough to connect your audio devices and MIDI channel. Using this single USB cable, you may records your sounds directly to your computer, which means a great feature. Besides, this single USB cable allows you to integrate your VST into your live shows.

Cubase AI 7 is a version of the Digital Audio Workstation of Steinberg’s software and this advanced feature permits you to record up to 48 MIDI tracks and 32 audio tracks. Other functionalities of Cubase AI 7 include the possibility to record instruments to your computer or even connect a microphone.

Controlling the DAW software is ensured by the remote mode of the MOXF. By using this tool, you are able to add your tracks or even close the windows of your software.

Steinberg Prologue VSTi represents an analog synthesizer, having a large variety of sounds. This Prologue has an user-friendly interface and due to this, it is very easy to access. Steinberg Prologue provides full editing functionalities.

YC-3B Tone Wheel Organ VST. This is a VST instrument and you may use it in order to obtain the sound of a tone wheel organ, the classic sound of it. In order to help you create your own sound tracks, this feature provides access to 64 preset programs.

List Price: $1,699.99
Price: $1,699.99
Price Disclaimer

Yamaha MOTIF XF8 Apps

Are you ready to buy this great keyboard? Would you like to learn quickly how to use it? In this case, you should know that Yamaha MOXF8 provides the opportunity to use some useful apps. You can download from the apps store the Yamaha Synth Book, Voice Editor Essential, Multi Editor Essential, Mobile Music Sequencer, Performance Editor Essential, Faders & XY Pad and Synth Arp & Drum Pad. You can find these apps and some other such apps by accessing the website

  • Yamaha Synth Book is an iOS application that includes the whole history of synthesizers belonging to the Yamaha producers. This application is compatible with iPod touch and it is optimized for iPhone 5.
  • Voice Editor Essential is an editor application that is ready to modify your Yamaha synthesizers. By using this editor, you will be able to modify the system effects, equalizer and the insert effects. You can use the Voice Editor Essential on iPad and iPad 2.
  • Multi Editor Essential is another Core MIDI tool, like Voice Editor Essential, but the difference is that this application allows you to mix all your sound tracks on your iPad, sound tracks coming from your Yamaha synthesizer.
  • Mobile Music Sequencer is ready to help you create your own music on Yamaha synthesizer, but also in Steinberg Cubase. This sequencer is compatible with iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5, iPad2 and iPad mini.
  • Performance Editor Essential is another Core MIDI tool, as the above two other apps, that allows you to modify your tracks from your iPad on the Yamaha synthesizer. The extra functionality provided by this app is represented by the possibility to edit voice’s key range. Besides, you may edit the volume.
  • Faders & XY Pad is that application that is ready to control your external MIDI devices. How you can do this? Using your iPad, you will send messages that will be able to control your MIDI. You can use 8 faders and modify 3 parameters. These 3 parameters that can be changed include 50 templates. Having this application installed on your iPad, you will be able to tweak in a unique way your synthesizer.
  • Synth Arp & Drum Pad comes with a lot of high quality features. This application will bring audiobus support, audio library, extra 19 tones and 366 arpeggiator patterns. Synth Arp & Drum Pad provides the opportunity to enjoy 13 drum kits and 80 high quality voices. This app is compatible with Wi-Fi and also with Core MIDI. In order to connect it to the Wi-Fi Network, you have to buy also a USB Wi-Fi adaptor.
List Price: $1,699.99
Price: $1,699.99
Price Disclaimer

Accessories that are optional

In the above sections of this review, we have presented the principal and advanced features provided by Yamaha MOXF8. You have discovered also some of the main applications that are compatible with your digital piano. Now we would like to list you some of the optional accessories that you may need in order to enjoy Yamaha MOXF8.

  • MOXF8 Bag is needed if you want to transport your keyboard from one place to another. This bag includes two molded wheels that should facilitate its pulling. It comes also with three pockets.
  • Foot Switch Style Sustain Pedal has a special design, including rubber grips that should sustain it on the floor while you are playing your digital piano.
  • Wired MIDI interface helps you to connect your MIDI with your iPad or iPhone. You just have to connect your iPad or IPhone to the drum kit, synthesizer or digital piano and it is ready to be used.
  • Bluetooth MIDI adaptor represents a Wireless connection for your iOS products, such as iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

The main pros of Yamaha MOXF8

According to Yamaha, the most important pros of Yamaha MOXF8 include aspects such as well-built digital piano, very good quality, and energy efficient and lightweight. Besides, due to its features and apps, this digital piano is easy to use and easy to set up, accordingly to reviewers. The support that is ensured for this product is also very complete. You can find manuals and FAQs that can help you use this digital piano.

Another plus of Yamaha MOXF8 is seen the price-quality ratio, which is excellent according to reviewers that have rated this digital piano.

Based on these pros of Yamaha MOXF8, most of the reviewers would recommend this keyboard to their friends. In the next section of this product description, you will discover a summary of the reviews that were given to the Yamaha MOXF8.

List Price: $1,699.99
Price: $1,699.99
Price Disclaimer

Great reviews for Yamaha MOXF8

Before deciding to buy a digital piano, everybody makes research in order to find the best product on the market. The research implies price comparison, functionalities and features provided by the digital piano, and of course, the reviews of previous customers regarding that digital piano.

Due to this, we invite you to find out a summary regarding the reviews of Yamaha MOXF8. Most of the reviews consider an important plus the fact that Yamaha MOXF8 is lightweight and very easy to move. Besides, it is very durable and it provides an excellent sound. Even if it is made of chassis plastic, this digital piano is seen as very durable.

According to Sweetwater, Yamaha MOXF8 has received 4.5 of 5 stars and excellent reviews. Clients appreciate its sounds, library of sounds, drum kits and the sequencer. But the most appreciated for Yamaha MOXF8 is the price. All the reviews consider that this keyboard has a great price for the features provided. Words such as “awesome”, “great product”, “perfect price” and “amazing” are used in order to describe this digital piano in clients’ reviews.

Another plus for Yamaha MOXF8 is considered to be the price, which is seen by the most of the previous customers as an affordable price.

These excellent reviews and ratings should convince you that if you are looking for the digital piano of your dreams, then you should think about buying Yamaha MOXF8. If many other musicians have used it in different situations, we consider that you should try it now and we are sure that you will love this keyboard.

Due to its features and functionalities, Yamaha MOXF8 has been awarded with the “KeyBuy award-winning MOXF Synth” in the Keyboard Magazine Reviews .

Yamaha MOXF8 price

Depending on the website that you choose to buy this great digital piano, prices can vary. Due to this, our recommendation is to compare all those online stores that can deliver Yamaha MOXF8 and only then order the keyboard of your dreams. If you are lucky, you may find some discounts. In this situation, you will make a great deal in buying the best digital piano that is available on the market at the best price.

Final verdict

Maybe you think that this review is very detailed, but this is just a brief description of Yamaha MOXF8. We are sure that you will find enough reasons and arguments to choose this digital piano as your ideal product. All the above features, positive reviews and details are written in order to facilitate your decision to buy this excellent digital piano.

The multi-functionality, great apps, the physical aspect of Yamaha MOXF8, mostly 5 stars reviews and of course, the excellent price of this keyboard should represent enough arguments to buy the best of digital pianos – Yamaha MOXF8.

If you have already experiences with other Yamaha products, then you should know the high quality provided by these products. On the other hand, if Yamaha MOXF8 will be your first experience with Yamaha keyboards, then we can guarantee that you will love to play your music using Yamaha MOXF8. We are looking forward of having your reviews of Yamaha MOXF8 as soon as possible. Don’t forget to share your opinion with us!

List Price: $1,699.99
Price: $1,699.99
Price Disclaimer






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