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Yamaha psr e353 product review

Yamaha psr e353

The yamaha e353 is a must-have piano. Do you want an easy to use and portable piano keyboard? Do you want all the developed technologies at an affordable price? Do you want a sensitive keyboard, quality voices, and digital effects? If yes, then you can consider buying the Yamaha PSR E353. It is a 61-key digital piano keyboard that can suit the needs of the beginners most. Yamaha has included some new features in the yamaha psr e353 to enhance the experience of the beginner and to offer them the best quality voice.

Do you want to know more about Yamaha PSRE353? Are you interested in knowing the features, positive points, and negative sides? You can go through the following yamaha psr e353 review to have a detailed idea about this portable piano keyboard. The following review will offer some details about the product, features, negative, and positive sides.

Yamaha psr e353 Review

Yamaha has designed this portable piano keyboard with music creativity in mind. The creativity will be reflected in most of the features such as the Advanced Wave Memory, rich acoustic sound, and stereo sampling technology. When it comes to the digital effects, you will find many new inventions that include harmony, EQ, chorus, master, and reverb. With the Yamaha PSRE353, you will have the option to experiment with 500 preset voices and above 130 accompaniment styles. These variations will help to create or practice your preferred range of music. In addition, you will have Arpeggio function to express your music in a unique and different way. And the Ultra wide Stereo preset will help you to compose dynamic, extended, and wide sound fields.

List Price: $235.99
Price: $235.99
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What will be the look of Yamaha PSRE353?

The look will be impressive. It will capture your attention in a second. As it is a beginner keyboard, you might expect some innovation and creativity in the design and look of this piano. You should not expect something like a lot of bright colors, low-quality material, a small, and flimsy keyboard that usually becomes the look of a cheap beginner piano.

But you will notice some differences in this keyboard. You will find some new addition to the design and the look. Yamaha has done a commendable job by creating something new and different. The color of yamaha psr e353 will be a great combination of black and gray with an angular, sharp, and rigid frame. It looks geometrically symmetrical without any rounded edges.

The face of the keyboard looks great with gray color and white, black, and gray buttons. You will find a minimalistic and small display screen that displays the data about the songs, sounds, and style of the music. The screen releases a beautiful yellowish-orange shade when the LCD screen is on. It truly creates a right environment for the beginners and inspires them to learn more and to experiment new things to be creative and to try something new and unique.

The colors of the keyboard are black, white, gray, and the demo buttons are of pale yellow color. It looks much more professional than a beginner keyboard should look like. If you are a beginner and have a very little idea about the keyboard, you might find the buttons confusing in the absence of the vibrant colors. But you can go through the labels that clearly indicate what each button means.

List Price: $235.99
Price: $235.99
Price Disclaimer

Is it ideal for the beginners?

Yamaha psr e353 is specifically designed for the beginners. Yamaha is one of the oldest musical manufacturers and among the first brands to introduce teaching software in the digital pianos. And this portable keyboard comes with this feature and with Yamaha Education Suite. The beginners will find it more helpful as they will have more options to refine their skill. It offers Key to Success lessons with 102 preset songs for the practice of beginners. Beginners can hone their skill with the wide range of on board lesson that will also support the tempo adjustments to match the skill of every individual player.

Features of the Yamaha PSRE353

When it comes to features, you will find many advanced and developed features at an affordable price. You cannot expect such features in any other portable piano at this price.

Quality sounds with wide variations

The best thing about the yamaha psr e353 is that it comes with a whopping 573 sounds to help the beginners to choose from a wide range. You will have everything in the sound that includes electric piano sounds, drums, grand piano sounds, organs, horns, and brass. Moreover, flipping these sounds will also be easy. It will allow you to scroll through them or you can select the patches manually by simply entering the number of the patch that you want to enter into the keypad.

In addition, you will have 158 backing styles that can help you to play different chords, rhythms, and genres with the press of a single button only. Like the other models of Yamaha, yamaha psr e353 has a portable grand button that is used to reset everything back to the default sound. This is considered one of the best features that can help you to operate the keyboard easily and diligently.

It also comes with some fun sounds like the drum sounds. The drum sound is really fun to play around. On the face of the keyboard itself, you can see the drum sounds that are mapped to the keys while using the drum presets. This feature helps you to keep track of the drum sounds and makes you realize what the drum sound is and how it looks like.

List Price: $235.99
Price: $235.99
Price Disclaimer

Melody Suppressor and compatibility

The melody suppressor can help you to modify your favorite music tones. If you like the instrumental music, then it will be an added benefit for you. This suppressor is designed to isolate the melody in audio songs. You just need to connect any audio device with line output to the AUX-in port. The melody suppressor will capture the tunes in no time. You can connect any device that includes a computer, mixer, mobile device, or another keyboard. The yamaha psr e353 piano keyboard is also compatible with all the devices that have AUX or USB ports. You can connect both your PC and the handled devices like iPads and iPods through the USB port. If you have the devices with audio jack connectors then you can connect those to the AUX interface.

Learning System

You will have a great learning system with the Yamaha PSRE353. Though this feature is available in many keyboards of Yamaha, but here you will find some developed options. You will have the options to practice waiting, to practice listening, and to practice timing. You can practice playing chords as well. This is the best to practice variation and to have command. You can comfortably play classical music moving your hand around the keyboard. It can also help to build your musical range and enjoy the different types of music tunes more.

In this portable keyboard, you will have both the major and minor chords. These variations will help you to understand how to play the basic and improved chords that you need to know if you want to expertise this art.


You will find a lot of effects to play the tones easily and more effectively. You will find many built-in effects as well. Some of the built-in effects are master EQ, stereo widener, a panner, and a melody suppressor. All these features are there to help the users to hone their skill and to experiment different tune in an easier way. If you are a beginner, you might not find these features impressive as your focus will be on the practice. But for the experienced, who designs the sound, it will be very helpful.

List Price: $235.99
Price: $235.99
Price Disclaimer


The buttons not only look impressive, these are designed to do several things as well. These buttons will help you to select your voice, style, and song. In fact, you can use the recording buttons to record your preferred songs and melodies and you can play them back to refine your skill. Besides, you will have a tempo tap and metronome button that will help you to practice at any speed depending on your requirement. If required, you can use sound or dual split to get a dynamic and desired sound blend. The keyboard is also labeled perfectly to recognize the power button and the master volume. Even the beginner can use it comfortably with a little experience. The user can adjust the volume on the fly and can turn it off once he is done.

While playing the song, you might feel like it is getting repetitive. Yamaha has added an option to play different parts of the same song at the push of one button. You will also get a fill button. When you will press the fill button, it will create a little drum fill to get some dynamics to the backing track. You will just enjoy playing along with it as it gives a feeling like to play with a band.

The feeling of the keys

The benefit of this portable keyboard is that the keys are lightweight. Unlike the other grand pianos, the keys of this keyboard are lighter. You will feel nice to touch and press these keys. These are also easier to use. As it is designed for the beginners, the manufacturer has made the keys lighter as they will not be comfortable to use the heavy keys without the experience. They might need more strength to press the heavy keys for a long time.

In addition, the keyboard comes with thirty-two polyphony. That means one can play up to thirty-two notes simultaneously without worrying much about the notes dropping out. Moreover, for a sixty-one keys keyboard, the thirty-two note polyphony is considered great. With this polyphony, you can play half even more than the half of the keys without losing a single note.
Touch sensitive keys

The touch sensitivity of this keyboard is also surprisingly adequate. It enables the users to play both the soft and loud tune and practice the dynamics to refine the playing style. The sensitive keyboard allows you to control the volume by altering the force that you use to press the keys. If you press light then the sound will be soft. If you press hard then the pitch will increase. You can press the keys depending on your requirement. It works like an acoustic piano. For example, if you want to switch to acoustic pianos, this keyboard will prepare your fingers with an authentic feel.

Track recording

Another important feature is the track recording. It comes with the digital signal technology internal music database, auto power off mode with an adjustable timer. Besides, you will get both the split and dual player as mentioned earlier.

Accessories that will come with the yamaha psr e353 piano keyboard

With this keyboard, you will get one Yamaha PSR E353 61-key portable keyboard and owner’s manual. In addition, you will get some optional accessories that include stereo headphones, PA-130 adapter, sustain style pedal, L3C attachable keyboard stand, and footswitch pedal.

List Price: $235.99
Price: $235.99
Price Disclaimer


• It is portable and lightweight.
• It weighs around six pounds.
• The keys are light weighted and touch sensitive.
• It comes with a lot of effects.
• It offers a wide selection of the voices to choose from.
• It comes with LCD backlit to display all the data.
• It is easy to use and easy to control.
• It offers connectivity to the PC and mobile devices.
• It is affordable and can easily come within the budget.


• It has a lower polyphony.
• You will have to buy the accessories separately.


Yamaha psr e353 has received mixed reviews from the users. When some users find this portable piano keyboard helpful for the affordability, lightweight, quality sound and touch sensitive keyboard, others have a few complaints about the lightweight keys and lower polyphony.

Yamaha psr e353 can be an ideal option for those looking for an affordable piano keyboard with some of the developed technologies. Though the product is budget-friendly, but its looks and performance can be comparable to the most expensive products. Beginners can use this keyboard to hone their skill, to practice different variations, and to learn the music with some easy and improved methods.

List Price: $235.99
Price: $235.99
Price Disclaimer
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