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Yamaha THR10 amplifier review and why you should buy it

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Do you want a portable, lightweight, and a battery powered amp? Do you want the best quality sound with some developed technologies? Are you looking for an amplifier to handle your bass and to support your home practice? If yes, then you can consider buying Yamaha THR10 amplifier.

Yamaha THR10 is comfortable with the bass and a six-string. Though it has tiny speakers, but you can expect the best quality and deep sound. The portable size makes it the best choice for the domestic use. In fact, it is designed for the domestic use only. But some of its developed features like the input and output power, sound quality, and Yamaha Editor Software make it an ideal option for the live performances.

Do you want to know more about the Yamaha THR10? Do you want to know about the features and some other qualities? To know more about this portable amplifier, you can go through the following Yamaha THR10 review. This review will focus on all the important aspects including the features, positive, and negative sides.

Yamaha THR10 Review 

Yamaha THR10 is a portable amp that is designed to enhance the experience of the users and to hone their skill. It is considered best both for the beginners and experienced. While designing this amplifier, Yamaha has taken all the small details into account to produce the best one for the benefits of the users. You will find many impressive features and some improvements in the sound quality, effects, and look and feel of this amplifier. Yamaha is one of the oldest manufacturers of the musical instruments and the manufacturer has used all its previous experiences and innovations to create this portable amplifier.

As the result, you will notice some new and different additions in this amplifier. The company claims that it will be the simplest and quickest way to achieve a tube-like tone in all your preferred places that include your practice room, studio, or your bedroom. While using this amplifier, you do not need to be worried much about the volume levels as it comes with a flexible studio monitoring system. You can say that it is a low powered amp that comes with a high powered tube tones, stunning look, hi-fi quality, and full range speaker. All these specific qualities make Yamaha THR10 one of the best creations of Yamaha.

What is the look of Yamaha THR10? 

Yamaha THR10 amplifier looks great. If you like portable and lightweight amplifier with simple colors then this amplifier is designed for you only. As the size is compact, it can be easily accommodated in any of your preferred places. It looks stylish and impressive and can sit perfectly in your lounge and studio. You can also keep it in your bedroom or practice room and practice it in any of your convenient time. In brief, if you are looking a good companion for your mp3 player, PC, or laptop to have a great experience and to refine the skill, then you might need a Yamaha THR10. It will be the best addition to your musical instruments.

Features of the Yamaha THR10

When it comes to the features, you will find many. Some of the appreciated features are five classic amp models, three modes including bass instrumental and acoustic, the range of effects processing, VCM technology, compact size, lightweight, hi-fi stereo sound, award-winning AV division. The best thing about this Yamaha THR10 amplifier is that it can run on AC power or you can use the batteries. Moreover, Yamaha has also used Virtual Circuit Modelling (VCM) technology with some effects to produce variations. It has both the flat and brass modes. Both these modes offer flexibility. You can have unlimited fun while using the four string or even plugging in a keyboard. To get the details of all the features, you can go through the followings.

Five classic Amp Models 

Yamaha THR10 is a multi-voiced classic tube amp emulator. With this portable amp, you will get five different amp simulations that you can expect only from some of the most expensive amplifiers. In fact, you have heard any sound during the recording, you will get it here. In addition, the flat inputs, acoustic, and bass will offer an ideal combination to get an accurate representation of amps.

All the five amp models will be available with the increasing amount of the bass and gain, flat, and acoustic setting. You can simply use them with the press of the single button. The flat is designed to bypass the modeling section to help the user to get the clean DI sound with the effects. The acoustic setting will be like the mic emulation mode that you can use with an acoustic guitar.


The effects of the Yamaha THR10 will be well catered with a high quality end. You will find everything impressive that includes choruses and reverbs. You will find more controls for the delays, reverbs, and modulation effects. You can also use the delay and reverb together to get the perfect delay sound easily. You will find a lot of effects to create a perfect sound and to have a feeling like performing in a band. In the effects, you will find tremolo, chorus, flanging, delays, and reverbs. And all the effects will have the distinctive controls. You can get more intense effects when they are dialed up with the tempo button setting delay time.

VCM technology 

Yamaha THR10 is amazingly authentic. It looks and feels nice and responds like a tube amp. Yamaha has also used the VCM technology and EQ and gain structure in each amp model to improve the performance. With this technology, you will get some advanced features that include EQ controls for the better sound, modeled on a Fender Twin style amp, and clean setting. The EQ will respond like the original amp.

You will get a full range of tones that includes all types from super clean to Steve Ray Texan overdrive to any death metal madness. You can try any variation depending on your requirement. In all the types, the sound quality will be great. Moreover, all the features are easy to understand and use.

Outputs and Inputs 

The output and input facilities can also match well with your expectation. All these five amps will come as a one built in mixer that enables the user to plug the amplifier in more than one instrument at a time. Moreover, you will have the control over the volume for all the channels. To achieve this end, you need to have minimum two channels. This will be an ideal option for those who like to play the instrument and to sing a song simultaneously. While doing so, both the instrument and microphone can get in one amplifier. It will have an aux input that allows the user to plug in mp3 player. You can either play along with or can simply use it as a portable speaker. The sound quality will be well defined and exemplary with an amazing sounding stereo effect. The brass is also well managed. It offers high-quality playback sound as well. It has also a rear-facing USB port that makes it perfect practice amp for the recording and soundcard.

When it comes to the outputs, you will also get some similar features. If you like to perform in a large venue with the use of a separate sound system, you can use this amplifier to monitor your performance and to feed that output at any other place at the same time.


You will have the sound of your desired level. The quality and variations will be great. Whatever you would like to play, you will have a sound to suit your style and need. If you want to play clean with a touch of chorus and reverb, you can get the jazz tones. For searing blues solos, you can go with the crunch setting. You can use the modern setting for crisp and the metal tones for the overdriven. You can say that everyone will have a perfect option in the sounds. You will get the five settings and all the music styles can be performed well with those five settings.

You will also find some innovations in the sound. All the amps will react differently and their sound quality and the presentation will be unique and totally different. If you cut the tone back on one model, it might kill the sound completely. Similarly, a slight tweak of the gain on the mesa style (modern style) setting can cause a huge overdrive. If you are a beginner, you might not be able to understand these additions thoroughly. But once you will be familiar with the usages, you can truly enjoy it and can try different variations to improve your skill.

When it comes to the quality of the sound, nothing can replace it. The sound of Yamaha THR10 is full and lively. It can inspire you to spend more time and to learn more. The great combination of the sound and effects give a perfect performing experience to the users. The effects like the delay and reverb create an incredible amount of the space. And the phaser, flanger, and chorus are the superb replications. When you use them in moderation, they can make a significant difference in your tone.

You can also go through the THR Editor software on a Mac or PC to access a compressor and to get improved controls of the effects. THR Editor Software will offer you fifty presets designed by Yamaha. You will have the option to share, save, and to use these presets in your own creation.


Yamaha THR10 amplifier has small speakers. The small speakers might create an impression that these are not able to produce deep sounds. If you think like this, you are absolutely wrong. These speakers are able to offer the best quality and deep sounds. While designing Yamaha THR10, Yamaha has taken special care to create an amplifier to sound good at low volumes.

Normally the guitars are not able to produce the best tone at the low volume. But Yamaha has done an exceptional thing by making a creative difference. Though the speakers come with low volume, but you can expect the desired level of the tone. To achieve this end, Yamaha has added some new features that include stereo guitar tone and hifi quality. The combination of these two can help the user to get the best tune from a recording. You just need to plug in the guitar, choose any of your preferred sounds, and then get the desired tone. It will not be loud enough for your family or the entire home. But yes, the sound will be deep, rich, and expensive and can meet your expectations.

What will you get with this amplifier?

In the box, you will get a Yamaha THR10 amplifier, AC adapter, Stereo mini cable, USB cable, Cubase Al6 DVD, and owner’s manual.


• The sound quality of this amplifier is amazing.

• The Clean & Crunch channels sound like early classic Fender.

• It has a music style for everyone.

• It is lightweight and portable.

• It is affordable.

• It can meet the expectations of both the beginners and experienced.

• It comes with a simple and impressive design.

• It offers a lot of effects.


• It has some design flaw.

• It comes with small speakers.


Yamaha THR10 has received appreciations from the users for the best quality sound, affordability, easy to use features, impressive look, variations in effects, and the portable size. The product has received positive comments only. Only one customer is not satisfied with the design as he finds there are some limitations in the designing. As he says, a simple mistake can give you troubles. If you ignore this minor negative point, all other users have praised it a lot and have recommended it.

Yamaha THR10 can be an ideal for those looking for a budget-friendly amplifier with some innovative features. This article might help you to realize that the amplifier has a good input and output ability, the best sound quality, a lot of effects, and VCM technology that you cannot expect from an amplifier within such price.



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